Sugar Content in Soda Pop

By admin @ Sep 2, 2009

Soft drinks have become a normal part of the American diet. Both children and adults enjoy at least a bottle a day of their favorite softdrink and couldn't be bothered with its impending effects on health. 

One aspect of softdrinks that raises the eyebrows of health experts is their sugar content. In dental health, sugar is frowned upon because of its role in the rapid deterioration of teeth. Bacteria in the mouth consumes sugar and as a byproduct, produces acid that damages teeth. The following are data regarding the sugar content of a number of softdrinks, some of which are the most popular brands in the US, in terms of grams of sugar per ounce of serving.

Sugar Content in Soda Pop

Brand Grams of Sugar Per Ounce
Tropicana Twister Soda 4.38
Sunkist Orange Soda 4.33
Fanta (orange soda) 4.33
Mirinda (Grape) 4.13
Fanta (fruit twist) 4.02
Fanta (strawbery) 4
Mirinda (Orange) 4
Vault Red Blitz 4
Vault 4
Mountain Dew 3.92
Mountain Dew Game Fuel 3.85
Barq's Rootbeer 3.75
Mirinda (Grapefruit) 3.75
Mountain Dew Code Red 3.75
AMP 3.69
Mug Root Beer 3.63
Mirinda (Strawberry) 3.63
Mountain Dew Baja Blast 3.62
AMP Overdrive 3.62
AMP Lightning Charge 3.62
Fanta (Lemon) 3.61
Britvic J20 Apple & Raspberry Juice Drink 3.55
Dr Pepper 3.42
Coca-Cola (Classic) 3.38
Britvic Britvic 55 Sparkling Orange 3.34
Pepsi Cola 3.33
Sprite 3.25
Britvic J20 Apple & Blueberry Juice Drink 3.25
Orangina 3.25
7-Up Cherry 3.25
Sierra Mist 3.25
Pepsi Blue 3.25
Fanta (grape soda) 3.2
Fanta (grape soda) 3.2
7-Up 3.08
Appletise 3.02
Canada Dry (Ginger Ale) 2.65
Peartiser 2.48
Tango 1.34
Lilt 1.33
Grapetiser 1.28
Britvic J20 Orange & Passionfruit 1.14
Britvic Apple Tango 0.62

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