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Implant Retained Dentures

If you have lost all your teeth or missing some teeth, dentures or partial dentures may be your option to restore your smile.   We strive to make them as comfortable as possible.  Here are several options of dentures:

  • Immediate Dentures -  The patient has existing teeth that are either not salvageable or strong enough to hold a partial denture or a bridge.  Impressions and measurements are made to fabricate the denture before any remaining teeth are removed.  On the day of surgery, the denture is ready for delivery.  This way the teeth removed are replaced that day to go home.  After the surgery the bone will shrink and cause the dentures to be loose again.  Immediate dentures will have to be relined after about 6 months to "re-tighten" them.    
  • Dentures -  The patient's existing dentures are broken or worn out.  A new replacement pair is made.
  • Partial Dentures - Only some teeth are missing and a removable device is preferred by the patient.  The framework of the partial is either made of metal or resin.
  • Implant retained Dentures - Lower dentures are difficult to keep from moving.  There is no suction like the palate of the mouth in the upper and the tongue is very muscular.  Mini-implants are an excellent source to retain dentures.  Four (like four legs of a table) mini-implants are placed in the lower jaw to stabilize the dentures.  These implants have a small ball that snap into the denture.  It's a similar idea to the snaps on infant clothes.  The implant retained denture resists lateral movement and saves the patient from the embarrassment when the denture comes out during talking.